HAROLD GARDE is a master painter, print maker, and teacher. He has been creating works of art for over 7 decades and has had regular solo exhibitions of his work since 1970. Considered one of the few “Maine Masters,” Garde is the recognized inventor of the Strappo technique and his work, “Iconoclass,” is the flagship masterwork of the Museum of Florida Art (MOFA) in Deland, Florida.


‘The Journey Begins’


“Iconoclass”, 8′x24′ acrylic on board, 16 panels. 1974-1976

“It was the seventies. Avant-garde was at the forefront, pop art was popping, and Abstract Expressionism had put America at the center of the western art world. I was busy raising a family while All the President’s Men couldn’t put Richard Nixon back together again.

 Flower children were giving way to hippies and my children ware fast growing up. Intel and microprocessors were about to change our world, though I did not see it at that time. The world grew larger. Trips to the moon had us all thinking of the cosmos and outer space.. big new thoughts.”

Upcoming Events

Garde’s body of work from the early 70′s, including the Iconoclass series, will be unveiled for the first time in 35 years in New York City where the art was conceived.

In 2012 the exterior facade of the Museum of Florida Art came alive with the permanent installation of Harold Garde’s masterwork, the 16 panel mural, ICONOCLASS. Now in 2013, Garde has donated TOMORROW, a joyous work celebrating human hope and resilience – a gift in support of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation and the first public showing and auction of one of Harold Garde’s significant 1970′s paintings from his Iconoclass era in New York City.

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“TOMORROW” is part of a limited body of work surviving the volatile 1970′s. This work shows Garde’s transition from pure abstraction to figurative expressionism.

“TOMORROW” and other striking works that were stacked away for over 35 years will be unveiled in the upcoming tour of Garde’s work from the 70′s which opens in New York City in early 2014.